288 GTO Challenge (AMS)

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That’s right, joining forces with the Apex modding team, we bring this iconic car and rfactor mod to 2019 reality and into AMS.

Completely revamped physics, all based on real car data, and total integration with all the goodies of AMS take realism and immersion to new heights.


We hope you enjoy this revival of our classic mod. If you had fun with it in the past in rfactor or are enjoying it now in Ams and would like to contribute to the team, we would really appreciate it! You can donate any amount through this link.


· There are two versions available of this car: Corsa and Stradale

o Corsa: Racing tuned featuring slick tyres, weight reduction stiffer suspension, etc

o Stradale: Road going version with era-appropriate street tyres

· The car was extensively revised based on real life data and specifications of the 288 GTO

· Added latest Automobilista tech such as updated shaders and turbo model


· 3D art: Ranieri

· 2D art and sounds: Destroem

· Physics and Ams integration: Richard Wilks

· Original integration: yoss

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