Endurance 99 CLR

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Welcome to the 1999 endurance season!

The first glimpse comes in the form of the Mercedes CLR, a car more renowned for not being able to finish Le Mans than for its on-track achievements. The 3d model is the U.R.D one converted By JP with autorisation , Thanks to them .This car includes the three entries (#4, #5, #6) of the 1999 24 Hours of Le Mans race. You will also be able to drive it across different circuits as the setup menu allows for an extensive aero selection with front splitter and rear wing angles. We recommend running a 1-3 split at Le Mans if you can handle this low aero config.You may notice there is a slight hiccup with engine inertia. That is something that was introduced with a recent update of the game and we will be following to see when we’re able to address it adequately.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy this and if you can, support our continuing modding efforts by donating .

Please reach out to us before ripping or converting any of our work. There’s a very good chance we will be willing to work with you on a clean project or provide permission if you ask. Also, it will be easy to spot parts of our work elsewhere so just ask first